Laguna Agate Geode Slice

Laguna Agate Geode Slice


Discovered in a rock shop in Cheyenne, Wyoming, this stunning little slice of Laguna Agate radiates with warm ochre and a soft dusty rose, a color palette that continues to steal my heart as it conjures up visions of the dreamy bohemian paintings of Alphonse Mucha.

This magical agate could be set in prongs to allow the light to pass through it; both sides are wonderful to behold and there's a subtle sparkle to the interior geode. A powerful amulet pendant, a bold and unusual ring-- what do you see?

Pricing for a custom design using this stone begins at $74; if this piece speaks to you, contact me at to start a convo about custom work.

The size of the stone is approximately 25mm in diameter. 

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